New products that has been released from Alphacool

New products that has been released from Alphacool

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With Computex in Taipei, Alphacool welcomes a new era! The APEX, CORE and ES product lines are growing. Fans, CPU Cooler, CPU AiO, Reservoir, Radiator, Serverrack … even our very first case is included. Not only do the products serve their purpose and look elegant, but they also do a big performance leap towards the future.

APEX stands for an extraordinary design, which is reflected in extravagance and uniqueness combined with high quality and innovative ideas.

The CORE line offers an optimal water cooling for all PC components in an all-round carefree package. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiast, no wishes remain unfulfilled.

ES cooling solutions at the cutting edge of technology! From data centers to image sensors and beyond, we cover all customer requirements. From the initial planning phase to in-house production of reliable cooling solutions for your exact needs.

Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fan

With the new Apex Stealth Metal fan, Alphacool presents the most powerful and quietest fan on the market. This is the world’s first fan for computers in which the impellers including bearings and motor are completely decoupled from the frame.

– Complete decoupling of the entire fan from the fan frame
– Full metal fan frame in new Apex design
– 6-pole motor for extremely quiet operation
– HDB (Hydro Dynamic Bearing) silent bearings
– Optimized fan blades for maximum airflow and pressure
– Dimensions: 120x120x25mm

Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fan Black
Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fan Chrome
Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fan White

Alphacool ES Stealth Metal Fan Black, a special Enterprise Solutions variant with integrated fan grill, will follow.

Alphacool Apex Pro Skeleton Carbon Case

The impressive Carbon Case is the first modular case from Alphacool. It impresses with extraordinary design and reflects what Apex stands for: extravagance and uniqueness combined with high quality and innovative ideas. With real CFRP struts and customized Distro Plate, the case offers freedom for creativity. It can be completely disassembled and rebuilt.

– Can be completely disassembled
– Struts, mainboard tray, fan frame and brackets made of real carbon fiber
– Components CNC milled
– Included distro plate designed specifically for this case
– Included customized vertical GPU mount, cable complies with PCIe 4.0 specification.
– The case is modular, modifiable with additional parts
– Smoked glass side panels

– Alphacool Apex Pro Skeleton Carbon Case
– Alphacool Apex Skeleton Aluminum Case (without distro plate and vertical GPU mount)

Alphacool Core 1 CPU Cooler

The Core 1 CPU Cooler belongs to the latest generation of Alphacool water coolers. It impresses with the usual high quality, remarkable performance as well as functional design. With the new cross-slot base and the new 3D jet engine, the cooler represents a completely new technological development. The Core 1 has been specially optimized for the latest Intel and AMD processors. 

– New 3D jet plate for higher cooling performance compared to previous XPX models.
– Completely redesigned cross-slot cooler bottom with increased cooling surface area
– 40x40mm total area of cooling channels on the cooler base
– Easy and fast installation on all sockets due to new mounting bracket
– High quality workmanship
– Compatible with AM5 and LGA 1700 Socket
– Chrome plated brass threads (no acrylic or acetal threads)
– Optional Aurora Edition with aRGB illumination

Alphacool Core 1 Black
Alphacool Core 1 Silver
Alphacool Core 1 White
Alphacool Core 1 Aurora Black
Alphacool Core 1 Aurora Silver

Alphacool Core 2 Aurora 360 Copper CPU AIO – Digital RGB

The new Core 2 Aurora CPU AIO is another product of the Alphacool’s Core series in a functional design, which replaces the previous Eisbaer generation. A solid aluminum housing not only enhances the look, but also the haptics. A new full copper radiator and the quick-release fasteners for a potential expansion of the AIO are further unique features.

– Aluminum housing
– New full copper radiator
– Powerful pump
– TPV hoses with quick connection
– Fully modular, parts could be used separately
– 1/4″ threads
– Expandable and compatible with previous AIO products
– New and easy mounting
– Discreet aRGB illumination

Radiator sizes: 240, 280, 360, 420, 480mm.
Color variants will follow soon.

Alphacool Core 2 Tube Reservoir D5/VPP

The new Core 2 Tube Reservoir from Alphacool is a real eye-catcher. The slim design impresses not only with the shine of the real glass cylinder, but also with the typical Core elements, such as the connectors made of chrome-plated brass. The rotating mounting bracket allows for flexible positioning in the case. The large opening for filling and venting is a feature that simplifies the installation and maintenance of the PC water cooling system.

– Real glass cylinder
– 1/4″ chrome plated brass threads
– D5/VPP compatible
– Large opening for filling/venting
– Flexible positioning due to rotatable mounting bracket
– Cable guide

Alphacool Core T45 Aurora Copper 360mm Radiator

Alphacool introduces a novelty in the field of radiators with the new Core series. The design of the outer casing looks very harmonious, which is emphasized by the discreet aRGB LED lighting on the Diamond Cut side panels. The recessed ports are flush with the surface of the radiator. The revised fin structure and the amazing 16 cooling channels, instead of the previous 12, optimize the flow and increase the cooling performance significantly. The cooling fins, channels and the pre-chambers are made entirely of copper.

– Real full copper radiator
– 16 instead of 12 water-bearing channels
– Finer fin structure for higher cooling performance
– Illuminated side panel with Diamond Cut

Color variants are possible

Alphacool ES 1 1U CPU Cooler

The Alphacool ES 1 1U is designed to cool workstation processors for popular mainstream sockets such as AM5 or LGA 1700. The cooler has been completely redesigned for the new and upcoming processors from Intel and AMD. The redesigned 3D jetplate distributes water more evenly across the large and improved cooler base for much more effective cooling.

– 3D Jetplate for improved injection
– Revised cooler base for the new CPU generations
– 40x40mm total area of cooling channels on the cooler base
– 1/4″ threads on the side
– New and simple mounting kit
– Flat design for 1U server racks

Alphacool ES 19“ Open Frame Serverrack

The new Alphacool ES 19″ Open Frame server racks are designed to be adjustable and can be adapted to any common length of 19″ server enclosures. Their versatile application options can be extended by various components that can be found on the market. The massive struts help the enclosures to be extremely stable, which allows a load capacity of up to 600kg when used with the support feet.

– Stable structure for a total weight of up to 600kg
– Adjustable depth (23.2” up to 40.9”)
– Fixed support feet and casters can be mounted at the same time
– Compatible with many additional products

– Alphacool ES 19″ Open Frame Serverrack 12U
– Alphacool ES 19″ Open Frame Serverrack 15U
– Alphacool ES 19″ Open Frame Serverrack 18U
– Alphacool ES 19″ Open Frame Serverrack 25U

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