IKEA Nordmärke Review

IKEA Nordmärke Review

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Wireless charging is everywhere. Virtually every modern phone supports it. Charging with Ikea wireless sounds promising. So it’s high time for us to feel it firmly on our teeth.

Ikea Nordmärke wireless charger
The Ikea Nordmärke is apart from the name a simple device. The packaging is made of simple white cardboard, containing nothing but the Qi wireless charger and the fixed USB-A cable with an adapter. The housing is made of plastic with a cork ring around it. That ring has several functions. Without the ring, you can turn the charger into a piece of furniture. In addition, a telephone is a bit firmer on the cork than on the smooth plastic of the Nordmärke itself.

Pros and cons
It all works fine and you do not need any additional USB cables or adapters. The appearance is a matter of taste, so we will not go into that too much. It’s typical Ikea, so you get what you expect.

Like many other affordable Qi wireless chargers, the Ikea charger can provide up to 5 watts of power. Wireless charging is always a bit slower than charging via a cable. In practice this is not so bad, after all you get a lot of comfort in return. Because wireless charging is always slower, it is important to charge as fast as possible.

Because the Ikea wireless charger only delivers 5w, charging is not as fast as we would like to see. An iPhone can charge with 7.5w, while Android phones can charge with up to 10 watts. .

It just works and so far I am really enjoying using this wireless charger. It is great and I think that this is a great way to introduce people to the nature of wireless charging..

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