Today it all happens..

Today it all happens..

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Huawi does not run Apple’s style and pretends it’s secret when they’re launching, but we know it’s Mate 20 released at 2pm when the event begins. We also know that it is the first phone with the Huawei Kirin 980 chipset, manufactured in a 7-nanometer process that seems to be able to get better performance than any previous Android mobile.

If the previews are correct, Huawei will launch both a Pro variant and a regular Mate 20, and following the pattern from the last two years is the Pro variant that will be sold in Sweden. Mate 20 Lite is happily already launched. According to rumors, Mate 20 Pro looks like a mobile phone with curved screen and camera focus with three cameras. It will be interesting to see if there was any way to top the camera in the spring’s P20 Pro.

The launch starts at 14.00 Swedish time, and you can follow the live stream on Youtube.


These are the rumored picture of thev device so it will be interesting to see what happens or what ends up being presented..

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