Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Review

Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Review

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“If it’s not broken, do not fix it.” It’s one of the more pragmatic twists we’ve heard from the American continent. But that pragmatic, the Danish company Jabra has chosen to blow hard and well. For now, they come with the Jabra Stereo 75 , the popular and effective wireless headset for call centers and other offices with a lot of phone calls.

And of course it is welcome with a novelty of that size.  With connectivity to both PC, mobile and your landline phone, a large selection for many kinds of wishes and a range of up to 150 meters, it has been difficult to come up with something that could be anything more or better.

During the process of creating the Jabra Engage series they have engaged approx. 40 engineers for over 115,000 hours to create something brand new and even better. It’s over 13 years of work in total, or about just over four months per engineer if you do not need sleep, food, social gathering or anything else during the 24 hours.

In other words, Jabra has worked for a long time, which, in addition to six new headsets, has also thrown four unique patents.

Jabra Engage 75 Review & experience

If, on the other hand, you have a mobile phone and you can see the point of using your headset, it’s obvious to go straight to the Engage 75 series. It has Bluetooth in the base, which can be connected to not just one but all two mobiles at the same time. And to make it all the easier, it has built-in NFC so all you have to do is hold your phone up to the base, and then they’re paired.

Not only do you have the option to connect your mobile or tablet. You also have an additional USB connector so you can connect two computers or maybe a USB phone to your computer. There is also an analogue plug to the landline phone, which means that you can connect a total of five devices at the same time. We dearly love that it covers more than what most people need.

The base has also received a number of additional functions, including: LED display, digital clock and a built-in menu that allow you to personalize and adjust much more.

The LED display is nice and allows for a good experience when you are working either day or night.  I am surprised on how well it works both during the day and night. If you are looking for a good headset that works both during the day and night I highly recommend this one. 
As I am a gadget addict I have multiple phones and surprised on how well this one works with multiple phones. I can just pick up the headset and answer when it calls. Nothing else is needed.

Engage 75 comes like the 65 series in three different models: Engage 75 Mono ed one earphone, Engage 75 Stereo with two and Engage 75 Convertible with smaller size and an ear hook.

However, there are a lot more customization options in the boxes. The mono headset comes with an extra neckband so you can preserve the hair that you put it this morning, and the Engage 75 Convertible fully lives up to its name and gives you two sizes of ear hook, a neckband and a headband with you, so you can change the headset style as others change underwear. A fresh and fresh look every day.

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First of all, Jabra with the Engage 75 Series has set a new standard for how easy and how much you can connect your DECT headset with all your devices. The PRO 9400 headset had up to three connectivity, but now you can throw it into the gravel and look forward to all five connections. Two Bluetooth, two USB and a single analog to landline.

NFC in the base also makes it easier for you to connect the phone as you do not have to cone around the infinite men’s pairing dance like another paradox:

Jabra has also managed to give both the microphone and speakers a decent snap up the ladder.  The new Engage series can play between 40-16,000 Hz, which is said to be something of an improvement. They are therefore somewhat more suitable for music and streaming, especially if you use the Stereo model.

The microphone also goes a little higher on the new series. The PRO 9400 also only went from 150 Hz to small 7000 Hz, but you get something more value for money with a range of 100-10,000 Hz.

All in all, it provides a better sound image for both music and conversations, which significantly increases the usability of the headset.


A third thing, clearly upgraded in the Engage series, is battery and charging. Lifetime has risen by 30 percent, so you can talk for up to 13 hours, while standby time has risen by almost 40 percent, so you can now have the headset ready for up to 52 hours without dead.

However, if you put the headset in the base, it does not always make a difference in everyday life, as it will of course be kept charged when it is in place. If the headset had come to an end as a sprinter up against Mont Ventoux, the charging time would be cut from two full hours to only one and a half. So you’re ready again in no time.

Finally, the new headsets all have built-in a small Busylight, which is a lamp that lights when you’re busy with a call. It makes it easy for your colleagues to see that you’re actually talking to others and not just yourself, and therefore you’re not even ready to chat with work-related issues or the latest Game of Thrones development.

This is a great headset and so far I can not imagine living without it.. If you are looking for a headset that you are going to use daily I highly recommend this one.
If you have any questions let me know and I would be happy to answer them.


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