Review: Jabra Evolve 75e

Review: Jabra Evolve 75e

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The market for professional headsets is overcrowded, but that does not mean that there is no room for new innovative models. Jabra understood that and comes with the world’s first professional UC-certified, wireless earbuds, the Jabra Evolve 75th.
We admit, it’s a strange idea to have the headset for the first time while you know it’s a headset for professionals. We are therefore not used to earplugs to work and communicate with. Yet that is exactly what Jabra has made with the Evolve 75th.

Design and housing
When you take a look at the headset for the first time, you immediately notice that the design has been carefully considered. Sober, not too conspicuous but recognizable as a device within the Evolve portfolio of Jabra thanks to the characteristic orange you find on the headset.

The headset itself has a neckband design with a flexible design of plastic that ends in sturdy aluminum to which the cord of the earplugs is attached again. A solid design, without losing the flexibility and paired freedom that you naturally expect when you go for the Jabra Evolve 75e.


Nice detail: the magnetic closure in the earplugs that ensure that they stay neatly around your neck when not in use. The headset then also goes into stand-by mode.

Active Noise Cancellation in wireless earplugs
Jabra Evolve 75thThe conversation sound is simply perfect. Nice also that the earplugs let in enough ambient noise to be so aware of your surroundings, but exclude enough sound so you can concentrate on the conversation. As we are used to from Jabra, this headset also comes with various functions that allow you to control calls. These are located on both sides of the neckband with on the right a multi-function button with which you can pause music and turn the headset on or off, plus the volume buttons.

Do you like to use voice assistants like Siri or Cortana? This is also supported when you hold down the multifunction button. On the left side you will find a mute button and a button that activates Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to really close your environment.

We were extremely curious about this. After all, how well can ANC work when it is implemented in a set of earplugs? The Evolve 75e proves: very good! Activate ANC and you immediately notice the familiar pressure on your ears that excludes environmental noise. An impressive feature and something we have not seen a manufacturer do before. Do you want to get something from your environment? Then hold down the ANC button to use the listen in function.


Battery life
Another impressive feature is the battery life. The Evolve 75e will last no less than fourteen hours on a single load, which can be called impressive because of the functionalities offered by the earplugs. The headset can be charged within two hours via a MicroUSB port, also very fast. The battery life combined with the ANC functionalities makes the device therefore very suitable to be included on air travel.


Jabra has never cut down on sound quality, so that’s good with it anyway. However, we can not ignore the excellent ANC function that lifts this headset from ‘just a wireless headset’ to a special product that is currently no match on the market.Recommended!

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