Review: Plantronics Voyager 3240

Review: Plantronics Voyager 3240

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Headset comes in most types of shapes and we have tested a lot of them. This time, we have the Voyager 3200 that hangs on the ear, with a good battery life and a very convenient charging case.



One of the things we like very well with Voyager 3200 has just been designed. A stylish and minimalist design, as well as two options for attaching it to the ear, it is comfortable to wear the ear in short as well as long conversations. With the risk of giving a misleading impression – it limits itself as long as you can have Voyager 3200 on your ear – but more about battery capacity later.

Although Voyager 3200 can be used on both left and right ear, it’s a design weakness if you choose the right ear; The micro USB input pointing up, without protection. Thus it is locked for use on left ear in cities like Bergen, where there is a risk of rain. Just above the data contact we find the volume buttons.

On the opposite side of the charging and data contact, we find the on / off switch and on the front of the product there is a hidden switch that acts as “pair”, “answer”, “add” and for the use of assistants like Siri and Cortana.

On the microphone bar there is a separate button to disable and reactivate the microphone.

In use

As mentioned above, there are two options for attaching it to the ear, the first one with a clean rubber stopper resting inside the ear. Here are three different sizes where one is mounted on the unit. The other is with an extra hoop that is over the ear. This stirrup can be loosened and fastened to the left and right ear.

The rubber stopper itself also has a nice fastening device; around the earplug itself, there are several tracks in which the earplug is attached. This will keep it in place and not rotate uncontrollably when in use.

Charging Case

Together with the Voyager 3200, it comes with a charging case that you can store the device when not in use. This for both storage, protection and to charge the device.

One of the best details with the Voyager 3200 is just the included charging cradle that lets you charge your headphone an extra time. Similar to the main product, the charging cabinet also has an input for micro USB located in the bottom.

Setup and installation
Everyone who has a pair of a bluetooth products knows how this works. The first time the device is turned on, it is automatically set in pairing mode. If you want to pair it with other devices later, do this by holding down the “Answer / Apply” button for about three seconds. You will then be notified that the device is in pairing mode.

One thing we notice is that Voyager 3200 does not come with NFC support. This is not something we’re referring to in the review, but the NFC is an ingenious feature to make the pairing more user-friendly. In return, not all devices come with NFC – and strictly speaking; How often do you pair your earplug?


Software and app

For us in the editorial office, it’s most important to look at Voyager 3200 as a device that you use primarily for the mobile phone. Not unexpectedly, there is an app that can be downloaded and the device can be configured as desired.

In the app, you can change the language selection, change whether the device will automatically answer incoming calls when you take your device to your ear or read up your caller ID. There is also the option to enable HD audio and the ability to stream music / audio playback to the device.

For use with PC, such as Skype or Skype for Business, this is as seamless as with a mobile phone. Put the headset in pairing mode and ask the computer to search it.

To optimize the experience of Voyager 3200, we recommend that you download and install Plantronics Hub. This gives you the same features as the app on your mobile phone, while at the same time damaging that music if you receive a call and it sets your Skype for Business status as “busy” if you receive a call on your mobile phone and the headset is paired with both the phone and computer.



In use
The undersigned is a diligent user of different headsets for telephony, whether in the office, on the move or in the car.

Another reason why we like this kind of products, even in rental cars or the new e-Golf of the friend, is that it’s often clever to pair your phone with each vehicle you’re going to use. Your personal headset follows you everywhere and the Voyager 322 takes about as much space as a pack of chewing gum.

Just this with the size is a detail we want to emphasize. All too often we have ended up with a solution that covers both ears, a little because of the ability to listen to music, but most of all ergonomics is the deciding factor. Large clumsy headphones are rare something one would like to bring in a small shoulder bag between meetings or in the car. Here the Voyager 3200 stands out as an ergonomic solution that still allows you to keep track of the soundtrack around.

Sound quality

To optimize battery capacity, we have kept HD audio disabled during our test. At the same time, the sound quality is good enough, even with this feature turned down. The sound seems clear to us as a user, while the other party is pleased with the sound of the Voyager 3200 microphone.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the sound quality was noticeably better and more comfortable for our part when we used HD audio in office landscape. This is a feature we would recommend for everyday use if you can spend around an hour of battery capacity.

Battery capacity

The full charge gives it a battery capacity of just over five hours. It will therefore take place around one working day if you do not “live” on the phone throughout the working day. A charging break for lunch is sufficient to keep the whole session and as already mentioned, it is very convenient that it comes with a case that also charges the headset.

I have not run out of battery so far even after several sessions in telephone conversations and online meetings that have lasted for a whole morning. Strictly speaking, it is more correct that it was the me  who needed a break to charge!

Making use of headsets of this type is purely a habit and taste. For my part, the biggest issue was ergonomics, a point that went surprisingly well with three-dimensional rubber stoppers and a removable hoop for extra support.

With good sound quality for both ends of the conversation, this is a minimalist approach to hands-free speech – whether you’re in the office, on the move or in a car that’s not hands-free integrated or you’re a diligent car hire user.

The transition from headphones covering both ears has been surprisingly good, especially as our product tests quickly add uncomfortable products to the drawer. For the price-conscious purchasing manager, it’s extra nice that the price is not dissuasive unless you depend on the UC model, which costs almost twice as much as the 3240 model.

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