Review: Sonos One with Alexa

Review: Sonos One with Alexa

While households in the United States are already under the spell of voice control, Sweden is taking it easy. Logical, because the technology is not yet available to the masses. Siri understands the Swedish language better and better, but it is still waiting for the HomePod. Google Assistant gets swedish support, but the question is when. We also do not know whether Alexa from Amazon ever takes Duolingo to learn our language. But that voice control is the technology that our households are going to conquer is clear. And Sonos perfectly responds to this with the Sonos One. Is this also the smart speaker for music lovers? You read it in our Sonos One review.

The Sonos One is simply a smart speaker that (now) Amazon’s voice service Alexa is integrated into. What is special about this speaker is that Sonos opts for a platform-diagnostic system. No platform gets priority and all voice services get access, if the services want it. For example, Google Assistant will be added in early 2018 through an update. The choice then lies with you whether you prefer Alexa or rather Google for an assignment / call on.

The Sonos One has the same format as the well-known Play 1 and you know that the sound is good. The same applies to the Sonos multi room audio system. Sonos has been showing speakers with good sound for years and the system has been optimized so that it works fine. That is at least our experience. The new update of the app also ensures that the user interface is more pleasant and we use Spotify Connect less. That does not work optimally with Sonos speakers. This smart speaker costs the same as the Play 1: 229 euro. Only voice control is integrated in this speaker. Why would you still choose the Play 1? Not! If you have to believe this Sonos One review at least ;-).


We do not have much to say about the sound, this is just right. All for the money. And you simply link it to the rest of your Sonos speaker (if you have one). However, Alexa does not yet work in the Sweden, so you can not add many extras. Why does Sonos sell the one in the Sweden? To prepare us for the future. The speaker is getting better thanks to software updates.

When Alexa or Google Assistant is available in the Sweden, Sonos will integrate these services directly into the One.  If you have chosen the Play 1. The platform-based vision of Sonos is one of the distinguishing advantages with which the manufacturer leads the way in the audio landscape.

In addition, Alexa can already be used in the Sweden via a detour. Of course in English.. It does not work flawlessly, you can not operate the music via Spotify yet (it will be), but it is a start. For example, you can ask Alexa how high the Kilimanjaro is. Or what the weather will be in your home. You will then still receive the answer in Fahrenheit 🤣. But since it is a smart speaker for music lovers, the real added value in serving the music is through your voice.

When Spotify is supported you simply ask Alexa “Play my Discover Weekly in the living room” and your Discover Weekly will be played on your Sonos speakers in the living room. Thanks to a series of six microphones and an adaptable algorithm for noise reduction, this can work well. The speech service thus understands everything. Even if you are on the other side of the room. The volume of the music also softens when you talk to the speaker. Smart.


Are there any downsides? This Sonos One review is not complete without a critical note. It may take a while before you have installed the voice assistant in addition to the installation of the speaker. Anyway, this takes about five minutes of your time. In addition, Alexa does not yet have sufficient skills to use it fully in house. Through the Alexa App you also have to add and discover new skills. If you are not really interested in voice control yet, you will not want to browse through the assortment and add skills.

Voice control in the house is really still in the initial phase. We need to be aware of this and Sonos emphasizes this too. The start is there, but we will have to wait a bit before all music services and possibilities have been added to the system. Fortunately, this is done via software, so that with the hardware you can at least get ahead.

So with the Sonos One you really are an early adopter and the possibilities are scarce. But since the sound is musty and you pay no more than a Play 1 you are already well prepared for what the future will bring us in the coming time.


The Sonos One is a fantastic (multiroom) speaker for 229 euros and brings the wonderful sound you have come to expect from Sonos. Keep in mind that the One (together with the Play 1) is the smallest speaker in the range so you can not fill gigantic spaces with it. Alexa unfortunately does not work well in the Sweden yet and is still limited in the possibilities. This takes time and is extended by means of software updates.




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