Review: Jabra Elite 65T

Review: Jabra Elite 65T

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Jabra has made a name on the consumer side, primarily through sweat and moisture-proof in-ear models with a fixed fit, and often in combination with an app that keeps track of your workout. When it comes to just true wireless fools, Elite Sport is a brilliant example with both a built-in heart rate monitor and accelerometer.

Elite 65t is so far away from sportswear it’s possible to come. Here we are talking instead of fooling with a really elegant design without the clumsy look that sports models can have, often with silicone wings for a firm and secure fit in the ear. In other words, 65t fits better in the office and bus rather than in the gym or in the running track.


Really good handsfree

The left shell is equipped with a function button with small markers for plus and minus with which you set the volume incrementally or change tracks by a longer press of two seconds. On the right there is a more pronounced multifunction button that you use to answer / end conversations, pause / resume playback, and activate the voice control function with. The same button is also used to shut out or release ambient sounds.

The latter feature is really useful as you do not have to remove the naps from your ears every time you want to pay attention to the sound in your vicinity. Jabra’s technology with all four built-in microphones does not only result in a cruel hands-free experience but also an enhancement of ambient noise whenever you wish. How much of surrounding sounds to leak into, you enter the app.

The fit is okay. The tricks are not near as good as Elite Sport, a lot due to the lack of fixing wings – here you will be sure to screw the plugs correctly. It comes with three pairs of silicone plugs (in the smallest layer) and although we find the correct size, there will be a number of ongoing corrections to get the tricks in place during the day.

The actual app, Jabra Sound +, is really good and user friendly. Here you can set or change a range of features, such as if playback is paused when removing a snap from the ear.


With Elite 65t, Jabra moves the positions and extends the offer with a pair of fools who are flirting towards a new audience – and Jabra is doing well! The fit might have been a bit better, but in terms of functionality and sound quality, we are more than happy and welcome the manufacturer as they bring a new edge to the competition.

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