Review: Xtorm XB203 – Charge your MacBook anywhere

Review: Xtorm XB203 – Charge your MacBook anywhere

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When searching for a power bank, you quickly run into the Xtorm brand. The Xtorm XB203, designed on Dutch soil, loads quickly and much. I tested it a few times and this is my judgment.

I have had the problem so many times that on the way home I open my laptop and the battery is as good as empty. I should have thought better about that … Now this is no longer a problem! The Xtorm can charge the newer MacBooks with a USB cable. This makes the power bank fast and efficient. That hour I was commuting it gave me 50% of the battery back and that while I ran heavy programs like Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Lightroom. In addition to being able to charge your laptop, the XB203 also has three USB ports that can charge other devices at the same time. The charging speed does radically slow when you have plugged four devices at the same time.


As the name, Xtorm XB203 Power Bank Infinity 27.000, already suggests, the power bank has almost 27,000 mAh capacity. In Dutch, this means that you can charge a phone about 13 times, a 12 inch MacBook four time as tested here. A power bank with a capacity that is so large therefore needs a longer time to load, with a USB cable in the socket, it still took eight hours.

You do get both a Micro USB cable and USB C cable with the battery.  If you look at Xtorm’s website you can find replacement cables.

With a power button you turn on the power bank so that it does not lose power when it is not being used. The Xtorm comes with two built-in cables, micro-usb and usb-c, which are neatly concealed on the side with two small magnets. With its 633 grams it is a heavy and large power bank, but the capacity you get in return does not make this annoying. The price of the XB203 is not bad at € 119.00.

The Xtorm XB203 is a good power bank if you work a lot on the train with your laptop and you do not have power in the train. In addition to charging laptops with a usb-c connection, the Xtorm can load three other devices simultaneously via USB. With a large capacity, the power bank can supply many devices with power before it is empty. In addition to a beautiful appearance, the power bank has two neatly concealed cables. At € 119.00 I do not think the price is bad either.


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