Review: Mophie Charge Force Desk Mount

Review: Mophie Charge Force Desk Mount

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Mophie Charge Force Desk Mount is a position for wireless charging of mobile phones with QI charging. Your smartphone is attached to the stand with a strong magnet.


Your smartphone can not be charged  directly with Desk Mount, but requires a Mophie Juice Pack or Charge Force Case battery. I have tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Juice Pack (our review is coming tomorrow). Without Juice Pack, the phone moves off Desk Mount.

The mobile sits via a magnet on the plate on the desk mount. It has a moving ball joint, which allows the mobile to be placed at different angles if you want to use the mobile while charging. In addition, the member turns to keep the phone standing or lying. Unfortunately, the angle is a bit bad upward. It was not much, but I still think that the position should be able to angle slightly upwards.

Wireless QI charging takes longer than via wall adapter. Here are numbers of charging times (if the phone is not in use).

  • 25 % – 43 min
  • 50 % – 89 min
  • 75 % – 1 h 15 min
  • 100 % – 3 h 11 min

Considering that you charge your phone wireleslly I would say that this is really good charging times.

The Mophie Charge Force Desk Mount has a limited use because a Mophie Juice Pack battery shell is required for Desk Mount to work. For anyone with Juice Pack or Charge Force Case, Desk Mount is a really good charging position/gadget and gadget that I highly recommend.

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