Review: Fifa 18 – the best so far

Review: Fifa 18 – the best so far

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Historically, the EA Sports Fifa series can hardly be accused of revolutionizing the football genre. Last year, however, the developer took a great step in the right direction thanks to the new Frostbite engine, which helped Fifa look better than before, and partly underwent players’ animations. A revolution was hardly talk about, but it meant that Fifa felt less stupid – something that has always been this series’s Achilles heel compared to Konamis PES, if we talk about the game.

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Fifa 17 was far from perfect. In some situations, it was quite clear that EA Sports was not quite comfortable with its new game engine, with striking collisions where players caught each other as a result. Even things like press games, posts and AI were in need of finputs.

Thank you, as usual, we do not have to wait a long time for further development. Every September means a new Fifa, and with FIFA 18, it really is noticed that EA Sports has become hotter in its Frostbite clothing. Technically, the technology has gained a much-needed review, with smoother grass and more delicious framing. With that said, the players still look robot-like in close proximity, with dead looks, plastic heels and lack of humanity in their expressions.

More animations

Well, graphically, it was a long time since Fifa floored us (if ever?) Fortunately, EA Sports has put the more on the game on schedule. Just as expected, the animations are considerably more this time, with a smoother and more responsive game as a result. Fifa still feels a bit late compared to PES, but the difference is at least not as great as last year.

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Perhaps the biggest advantage of enhanced animations is that the players feel more unique in Fifa 18 than in Fifa 17. Again, it’s not at PES level, it’s incredibly easy to see who you control, but above all the dribbles with the star players are significant better. In Fifa 17, it did not matter how much you were – the players dribbled in much the same way anyway, let go because the worse did not really survive the same advanced maneuvers as the biggest stars. In Fifa 18 it looks much better, and the dribbles can also be used as a more natural part of the game than before. Especially if you play with a skillful team.

But the biggest difference is that Fifa 18 does not feel as static as last. The ball tracks do not feel as predetermined, neither when you fit or shoot. Initially, it leads to some fun situations where we miss simple matches – several times with goals in the back as a result. But soon it is clear that we can beat fits that previously had difficulty finding recipients. In particular, this is the case for the posts, which in Fifa 17 were almost substandard. Nowadays it’s much easier to find right from the

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Game-like, therefore, Fifa 18 is better than ever, yet it’s a good bit from perfection. The AI ​​continues to make strange decisions, especially goalkeepers are perceived as unstable and let go of quite a few simple balls. Nor is the defense game particularly good. It’s a bit easy to cut past defenders with deepball balls, and the computer-controlled players tend to miss selections and ignore the line of defense. The overall marking game is quite uneven, which is not least noticeable in games in the penalty area, where attacking teams usually have a great advantage no matter how individual skillful defenders are.

These are the issues that most Fifa players are well aware of at this stage. In spite of the game, the positive parts outweigh the negative, but it feels sad that EA Sports did not really get all the details.

The Journey is back

Well, outside of the plan, it’s always almost perfect. Here is the game mode for all tastes, with a comprehensive online mode, a career mode that is in need of a real updating, but still maintained, and of course, the Fifa Ultimate Team.

In addition, we get a continuation of The Journey, which was one of the best in Fifa 17. Again, we’ll take on the role of Alex Hunter, this time with a kick-off in the Brazilian street ball (Fifa Street fans learn a jump of joy) . The most annoying elements last – as unrealistic requirements during match and season – are partly gone. We still get stupid deductions for small things that we can not really afford, but all in all, The Journey is just as entertaining this time.


So to the most important question: Is Fifa 18 a better game than Fifa 17? Oh yeah. Most details are improved, and not least the game on the level is softer, less static and offers greater choice. But EA Sports still has a lot to work on, and in a direct comparison with PES 2017, we can say that Konami also wins this time from the football match on the grass.

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