Review: Telia Sense – my car has internet now

Review: Telia Sense – my car has internet now

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Telia Sense was easy to install and when I’m sitting and writing this I can see that the car is parked in the parking lot.  But the whole idea of Telia Sense is a series of new applications that will simplify life with the car.

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Cars that are connected to the internet are of course nothing new. Several manufacturers have their own connection with their own app that “monitors” the car.

But Telia gives all car owners an opportunity to get information about the car via the OBD contact of the car. Telia Sense is also a Wifi router and can have a total of five users connected to the internet.

The wifi router in the car is not new in itself and there are a number of options available on the market. 12-volt router that gives everyone in the car an opportunity to be connected.

But Telia Sense combines these two – information from the car and internet connection.

External apps should sell the dose
When I’m writing this, I can see where my car is and I’ll get a note if the car is moved from its place. I can also see how much fuel there is.

All this is good but maybe at least fun information. I guess there are not enough people who pay 1500 kronor plus 100 kronor per month for these two features, no matter how good they are.

Instead, it’s external apps that will boost sales in Telia stores. The most talked about is the car test app and Folksam who, by means of a car surveillance, will give a discount to those who drive “good”. There has been wisdom about a car insurance rebate of up to 20 percent and succeeding Telia to get that deal, of course, is a way to save the relatively high monthly fee.

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More and more connected gadgets
But Telia Sense is just the beginning of the Great Internet Revolution. Our gadgets will be connected to an increasing extent.

Within a few years my golf clubs, my running shoes, my fridge, my heat pump and my bicycle will be on the internet and monitored through different apps.

Unfortunately, neither the app nor Telia Sense can mount the tires on the car. Not yet.


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  1. I need this for my Saab!

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