Review: Sing with Matthew McConaughey

Review: Sing with Matthew McConaughey

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Singing contests are always popular and in the Sing movie, we get the animated song contest of the time, which is also served with a lot of humor by singing animals. Illumination has produced a lot of good animated movies. Last I saw one of them was the secret life of the pet.

Now it’s time again, when Koalan Buster Moon (English voice Matthew McConaughey, Swedish voice Morgan Alling) does everything to complete her father’s dream to settle in the old theater and hold magnificent shows. The only problem is that he has never really managed to make any shows that have taken some money and now he is hunted by both elected scene workers who have not been paid and the bank want to wrap him if he does not pay his debts.

Fortunately, he has his incredibly patient and friendly assistant Miss Crawley (English voice Garth Jennings, Swedish voice Annica Smedius) who is able to keep everyone else calm, at least for the moment. But Buster Moon needs to get money and then he’s on the brilliant idea of organizing a singing contest. However, it draws a little more competitors than he had expected, due to a small mistake … The best thing about Sing are all the wonderful characters. From the dancing pig Günther (English voice Nick Kroll, Swedish voice Andreas Rothlin Svensson) with his German break to housewife Rosita (English voice Reese Witherspoon, Swedish voice Hanna Hedlund). Everyone desires the desire to follow their dreams in a fantastic way.

Sing is filled with wonderful humor, like the Japanese band of squirrels who do not understand anything and constantly try to join the singing competition, even though they never qualified. It is undoubtedly a movie for the whole family because the humor in Sing is as much directed to adults as children. Maybe even it is overweight to adult humans. There is nothing negative to say, Sing is simply one of the best animated movies I’ve seen in a long time.

+ Three additional mini-movies available on the disc – well worth seeing!

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