Review: The Mechanic Resurrection

Review: The Mechanic Resurrection

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Every generation has its #Cinema of action icons. If for those who grew up in the eighties and nineties these were the various Stallone and Steven Seagal, two thousand years one of the most popular names is undoubtedly that of Jason Statham. The British actor does not belie his reputation and returns as the Artur Bishop professional killer in #Mechanic: Resurrection, the new film by Dennis Gansel and second chapter of Simon West saga that began in 2011.

The German director prepares an action movie canon, tied to the standards of the genre, with all its strengths and weaknesses, but who can give a lot of fun for some spectacular sequences and sometimes imaginative. The cast, besides the aforementioned Statham, sees his two stars inside as the beautiful Jessica Alba and the legendary Tommy Lee Jones.

The plot

After a long career as a professional killer, Artur Bishop has decided to retire and enjoy life in Brazil until, however, it is not made a new proposal of work that is to do three murders. The protagonist at first refuses, but then finds himself forced to carry out the task at a time when his wife is kidnapped to force him to accept the offer.

Thus began a long race against time to save the innocent girl.


In short, Mechanic: Resurrection is all that the public expects from a movie of this kind and make you happy and satisfied fans of the genre

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