Review Cherry MX 6.0 Mechanical Keyboard

Review Cherry MX 6.0 Mechanical Keyboard



I have for the last few months been using the Cherry MX 6.0 and I wanted to share my opinion of it with you :-) A short hint is that it has actually replaced the Razer keyboard that I used to use before :-)


One thing that impressed me when I opened up the package was that it feels that it could have been run over by a car without crashing or destroying the keyboard :-)  I have not used a Cherry keyboard before but from what I understand their other products also offers this type of packaging :-)

Honestly if I did not know there was a keyboard in the package I would not have thought there was a keyboard in the package :-)

Inside the package we have nice and soft pouch-cover, a large wrist rest and a basic manual..  The manual is basic but yet it describes all of the bells and whistles that the keyboard offers :-)

Using the keyboard

I found the keyboard to tall yet offer the aesthetics that i would like in a keyboard.  I really enjoy using the upper body of the keyboard since it is made of aluminum yet it also has rounded edges. It offers a comfort that I have not seen in other keyboards..

To the the left side of the space bar key there is a Windows key.  On the right side of the space bar the Windows key that we would expect has been replaced by an FN key..  The nice thing about this key is that it can be used with some of the top row functions key to start special commands such as sound or backlight brightness.

I found it interesting that backlighting can be adjusted in 1% increments upp to 100.. On the keyboard there are the standard 104 keys that you could expect in a keyboard but there is also four extra keys above the numpad…

One of these keys is the “Cherry” key that starts special functions.. There are three more basic media keys (Play/Pause, Back & forward)… I enjoyed that you can use the Cherry key to deactivate the Windows and different key combinations (ALT + F4, ALT + TAB, CTRL + ALT + DEL)… Once you have done this the Windows key turns blue to indicate that it has been disabled.

If we instead pop of the keys we can see that they are “Cherry Red”..  It is good to see that each switch is separated by plastic..  In case you spill something on it you do not have something to worry about…

The wrist rest is magnetic which makes the attachment and removal a breeze… I like that there are no clips or support for the wrist rest…  It could be good for users who does not need a wrist rest all the time but want one when they are going to use the keyboard for a long time…   It is made out of plastic and has a “rubbery” surface that is very nice to touch with an MX logo on it..


It is a great keyboard that I highly recommend using.. I started using mine a couple of months ago and I have not looked back so far… You have to give yourself a couple of days of using it but when you start using it you will feel that you are home and do not want to use another keyboard.





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