Using a Surface Pro 4 During Summer

Using a Surface Pro 4 During Summer

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During the summer I have done an experiment to see if I could survive with the Surface Pro 4 as my only computer…

A prerequisite for this was that I needed to turn of my desktops and unplug them. The only thing that I did not turn of was my home server since it has all of my files and media that I enjoy using it.

Some of the favorite apps that I have used during the summer:

  • Tweetium
  • Movies app
  • Groove ( yes I actually switched from Spotify to Groove during this summer 😀)
  • Outlook 2016
  • Facebook app

I work as a consultant during my “day to day” job and that is why Outlook is an important app for me.. Still find it to become even better with each version 😀

The Facebook app was mainly used since I wanted to experience the app during a longer period and for a “casual” browser I found it to be really good.

My favorite app during this period was Tweetium… It is an awesome feeling when you purchase an app and it works on both your phone and your tablet/desktop. 

I found the Groove app to be surprisingly good on both my smartphone and the surface. It also had all the music that I wanted to listen to so I found no reason to go back to Spotify. I highly recommend listening to it.

The Blu-ray experiment 

I connected my external Blu-ray player to my Surface to see if how well it would convert a movie with handbrake.. 

To be honest I was surprised since it delivered the same time to convert a movie compared to my i5 desktop.

The second step was to see how well it would play a movie that I converted… The only thing I did was to lean back and plug in my headphones… I was quite happy because I did it at full brightness and it never complained about battery life once. 

Battery life 

The battery life on the Pro 4 continues to impress me more for each day..  I can usually use it for a couple of hours without needing to charge it..

As a MacBook user I am really impressed by using the Surface daily..  It easily surpasses the battery life that I experience on my MacBook .


I havet found a new love and that is the Surface Pro 4 . … The only downside that I have found is that I have to send it back to Microsoft I nthe beginning of October …

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