Enjoying Android Wear with Casio

Enjoying Android Wear with Casio


I just got the Casio G-Shock with Android Wear in Olive Green ( also available in orange and black)..   I am a big fan of the G-Shock watches so when I saw that this has been released I knew that I had to have this one :-)  I am coming from the Motorola 360 Generation one so I am feeling a big difference with this one :-)

To be honest after 48 hours with it I am still discovering new functions and apps that I can use with it…   It has more features then I could have thought in a watch :-)

I charge it once per night and usually by the end of the day I get a notificaiton that I have around 55 procent battery life left and if I want to continue to use it tomorrow I have to charge it during the night :-) Cool function that I had not seen before..

So far I am loving it and it will be interesting to if I can live with a smartwatch as my “daily” watch :-) Plan on updating here daily so that you can see here what happens when I am using it :-)

Got any questions? I would be happy to answer them!




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