Review: Ring Video Doorbell 3

Review: Ring Video Doorbell 3

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First impression

The Ring 3 is packed in a minimalist box. When that box is open, I see the doorbell right away. It has the silver front attached to it. Under the doorbell, I find the 2 templates the ring has to be mounted to at the door. All of the accessories are on the right side. There is the battery and an extra front, but also screws, plugs, and even a drill. It’s useful that this is all included. I can get started right away. If you like me live in an apartment complex, check with your association to see if you can install this on your door.


Easy to install

Time to install this video doorbell. It’s easier than I thought. It really is a matter of going through a few steps in the Ring app. The doorbell works and I can view the footage on my phone. It’s easy to mount as well. With 2 screws, I attach the mounting plate so that the video doorbell is facing the right way. Next, I simply screw the Ring onto this plate. If I understand it correctly, if your doorbell get’s stolen, Ring will provide you with a new one.


Crystal clear image

The smart doorbell records in Full HD. I get a razor-sharp image of who is ringing the doorbell. It performs well even at night, thanks to the integrated infrared lighting. Recognizing faces is a bit more difficult. One of the improvements compared to the Ring 2 is the faster WiFi connection if I understand it correctly. The addition of improved WiFi ensures an even better image quality. This does however depend on whether you have WiFi reception outside.

Better motion sensor

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 not only records if someone rings the doorbell. It also notifies you when someone walks by. I find this useful, because I won’t miss anything. There is one problem: I don’t have a front garden. As a result, the Ring records every one walking in the stairwell. Fortunately, I can use the app to set whether or not I want to receive a notification. This new version even allows you to pick up movement up to 1.5m.


You may need to pickup a chime

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is a fully wireless doorbell. You don’t connect it to your current chime. When someone rings the bell, my phone rings by default. I soon realized that this isn’t very practical. I’ll miss the notification when I have my phone on silent, for example. You won’t have this problem with a Ring Chime. This is a separate chime that you connect to the Ring, so you’ll always hear the bell ring.


Connect to other devices in your home

The Ring is a smart doorbell. That means you can connect it to other devices. This is easiest if you have multiple Ring devices. Unfortunately, I don’t have one of those. I do have a Google Nest Hub. I use it to connect the Ring, but the controls are fairly limited. You can’t view live footage on the Nest Hub. It’s possible to give the doorbell commands, though. I can turn off the motion sensor, for example. I can also ask about the last time the bell rang.

So if you are like me you can use your existing devices in your home 🙂


This Ring is really something for you if you always want to see who is ringing the bell. I found the Ring 3 easy to install. Thanks to the battery, you don’t have to struggle with cables. You can use it with any house, provided that you have WiFi reception. I was also excited about the options for motion detection.

  • How accurately the motion sensor should work can be set with a lot of precision.
  • If you use a second frequency, you’ll have better WiFi reception.
  • Installation is simple


  • You really need a chime to use make full use of the doorbell.

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