SkullyCandy Indy True Wireless Headphones Review

SkullyCandy Indy True Wireless Headphones Review

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These are Skullcandys latest true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds that boast a unique stability ear gels. They are made out of silicon and work really well. What impressed me is that they stay secure in both ears and do not budge while running… I have tested plenty of earphones that that does not stay in my ears so this surprised me.

They are sweat, water and dust resistant – ideal for use during exercise..   They have touch contruls to access functions like volume, play/pause, track change and call accept.


Audio function

I loved the bass and even tough the treble feels slightly sharper then the typical set of earphones the bass is not overpowered..   The output from the volume is loud and thanks to the added benefit of noise isolation I have not feelt the need to go over 70 procent in volume..

What I have experienced however is trouble with the voice calls.. Microphone is only in the right earbud and does not work well in environments with a lot of noise..  I have also noticed some issue with audio and video when streaming content which is a common problem with TWS earbuds..

Battery life

The battery life is stellar –  they promise that you get up to 4 hours of playback on a single charge but I have actually got a bit more thent that..  With the included charging case the headphones  can be charged up to 3 times and I were actually able to get up to 18 hours of battery life..  What I however would is that they had a slimmer battery case since it can be seen as quite bulky..  Also, taking out the earphones from the charging case can require a bit of prying..


These are a great pair of headphones that comes with great sound and battery life..  The only thing that I can really complain about is the bulky battery case..





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