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Windows 10 Task Bar


In the Windows 10 Preview Builds released to the public, Microsoft has added two new buttons in the task bar in addition to Start button. One of them allows users to do search and the other allows them to switch between virtual desktops. While many people may find these buttons useful, some of the users want to remove them from the taskbar. Even though the current preview build does not allow users to remove these buttons, upcoming preview build will add an option for it. IT Home recently posted a screenshot of the feature. When you right click the task bar, you will have option to show/hide search and task view button.

Source: ITHome

When developer Dong Nguyen first released Flappy Bird, it took the Apple App Store and Google Play by storm. Some people called the game addictive. Some thought of it as brilliant in its simplicity. We here at Android Police were so bold as to call it apparently entertaining. Well now the developer is back and ready to bestow upon the world a follow-up game that looks just as mindbogglingly and unreasonably frustrating – Swing Copters.

Here’s what you need to know about this title. It’s Flappy Bird, only you go up instead of right. Rather than avoiding pipes, you’re fluttering wildly between steel beams and swinging hammers.Touch Arcade secured exclusive hands-on time with the app and supplied the gameplay trailer below.

Swing Copters comes to us from the same guy who removed Flappy Bird from the Play Store and the Apple App Store after buckling under the attention he received from the app’s inexplicable success. Apparently he’s ready for more punishment (or ridiculous wealth), because this game is set to launch on August 21st (though Touch Arcade doesn’t specify which platforms Swing Copters will hit). It will be free to play and contain ads, but a 99 cent in-app purchase will let players remove them.

When Swing Copters arrives, be prepared to tap the screen a few times, fly into something, curse, try again, curse some more, and move on to something else. Though I know, somewhere in the process, many thousands of people will forget that last step.

Source: Touch Arcade