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Here’s another channel to consider for disassembly and DIY fixing of your devices:

The great thing about these guys is that:

  1. Professional looking set up. Clear videos, clear instructions
  2. They reassemble too.
  3. They show the phone working with the new part at the end of the video. I remember one video by another channel where the screen didn’t work. It didn’t inspire much confidence.

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They say they’ve got the tools available in the link provided but nothing shows up for me when clicking it.



Microsoft just released a new app for WP devices, called Movie Creator (beta). the app allows users to edit and create movies on the go from their phones. Move Creator allows you to add, remove and trim video clips, along with filters, captions and cinematic effects. The app can also add background music from the music app stored on your phone (as long as it’s not DRM protected), and  sync them to your movie.

Making movies has never been easier, right from your Windows 8.1 phone!

Movie Creator helps you quickly and easily combine videos, photos, music and even cinemagraphs into stylish movies for sharing anywhere.

It’s simple! In four quick steps you select your footage, select a theme (that’s a style for your movie), add music and titles and then you’re ready to watch your movie.

You can personalize your movie too! The tools included allow you to rearrange clips, apply filters to your clips, adjust trim & duration of clips, rotate/flip/mirror clips, pan & zoom clips, add text titles & credits and adjust volume. You can also change movie themes and music anytime and even get more themes from the in-app Theme Store.

Save your movie in the size you wish and you are ready to watch and share it.

Dual Sim Lumia 535 Leaks, Coming November 11th

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Yesterday the Conversations blog teased that a new Lumia device coming November 11th. Now pictures of a dummy device leaked from China, showing off the expected Lumia 535.

The Lumia 535 is expected to be the first Microsoft branded Lumia device, accompanied with a front facing camera; an LED flash and dual sim 3G capabilities.

The device appears to be a replacement for the Lumia 530, which hasn’t had the warm welcoming that Microsoft or Nokia hoped for. Hopefully the addition of a front facing camera and an LED flash will hep the Lumia 535 succeed, properly priced of course.



Earlier today, we posted up what is believed to be the first Lumia device with Microsoft’s branding on the back. And now it looks like we have another device showing up with the same branding in China that you can see in the image above.

While the picture is blurry, you can see in the bottom row a larger device than the one that showed up this morning. You can also see many other colors of what is expected to be a low-end Lumia with Microsoft branding that should be announced next week in the top row of this photo.

While we don’t know if Microsoft will announce more than one device next week, it is clear that the company is quickly transitioning over to their own brand and away from Nokia. The big question will be is if they are able to carry through this transition the reputation that Nokia has built for creating quality and long lasting products.

While it is the same team and the same types of products being built, it is not easy for a company to build a positive relationship with consumers and it can take many years. With that being said, Microsoft is taking ownership of the Lumia name which should help from a branding perspective.

Source: Weibo | Via: WinblogItalia

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Last night, stylinred tipped that the Nokia UK facebook sent a message to its users that it would be changing its name to Microsoft Lumia UK. We knew this was happening but now they were reaching out to their public followers.

A Page you like is changing its name. “Nokia UK” is changing to “Microsoft Lumia UK“.

Should you try and get on Nokia UK, the page redirects you to Microsoft Lumia UK, though the page is still labelled Nokia UK.


Today another Lumia leaked, thanks to the Chinese telecommunications industry. The device is seen wearing the new Microsoft branding on the front and back of the device, along with a front facing camera and an LED flash on the main camera; which already makes it a better offering than the Lumia 530.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry filing, the leaked device goes by the name RM-1090, and although we don’t know much else about it; we can safely assume it will be headed to China amongst other countries.


The real question however is where does this device fit in within the current lower end Lumia offerings, which seem quite saturated at the moment between the Lumia 530, 630 and 635. The device however bears a close resemblance to the Lumia 625, which could always use a successor.



Following a disastrous 3rd quarter loss ($544 Million), with further expected losses in Q4 2014; Amazon have officially stated that they made a mistake with the Fire phone. Although Amazon haven’t stated that the Fire phone itself was a bade idea, which mainly relies on people’s love for Amazon services to help them buy even more stuff, instead Amazon state that they got the pricing for the phone wrong.

The Fire phone launched at $199 on contract (with a year of Prime bundled for free), however just a few weeks after launch Amazon cut the phone’s price to free on contract, keeping the year of Prime bundled with. Even that however was too little too late to salvage the phone, as it’s cost Amazon nearly $170 million in inventory space. Given how much Amazon love their clean organized storage spaces, and efficient workers it seems to be quite the loss.

Let’s not forget that another factor leading to the Fire phone’s failure would probably be the At&t exclusivity agreement they signed, further narrowing the range of potential customers. Let’s see what Amazon will do next, will they follow ith an improved Fire phone 2.0, or chalk it down as a loss and start a Fire sale on the fire phone?

Via: GadgetsBoy

With no more flagship Windows Phones expected to be launched this year, it seems Nokia’s “affordable flagship” is the handset many of our readers will be looking to be upgrading to this holiday season.

Microsoft Product Reviews have posted a detailed review of the handset, looking at all the main aspects of the handset, especially from the point of view of some-one upgrading from the older generation of Windows Phones such as 920 and 1020.

Overall they seem pretty impressed with the handset and concluded:

Microsoft has done something that has never been done before in the mid-range segment of the smartphone market. By creating such a high-quality device with so many flagship features at such a great price, they’re exposing the high prices many pay for smartphones that don’t really offer much over the Lumia 830, and it something that should be noticed.

This a highly impressive device and we feel confident to say that this is the best all-around Windows Phone to date. It’s a high-end design, fantastic camera and the flexibility and customization options make this the most complete Windows Phone ever.  If you consider the price point, it’s at an amount that actually makes buying the phone outright a possibility on most carriers.

We’re hoping that Microsoft continues this design strategy going forward at this price range, as this is a market that Windows Phone could really perform well in. Of course we also love to see the next big thing, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for what Microsoft surprises us with next.

Read their full review here.