Jolla expands goal for Jolla tablet, $1.5M microSD; $1.75m split screen; $2.5M 3.5G!

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 16.45.54

Jolla set themselves an achievable target of $380,000 to get their first tablet out to interested consumers. Now they’re pushing to boat (currently at $1.3M).

  • $1.5M microSD support
  • $1.75m split screen
  • $2.5M 3.5G!

In the first two days, Jolla reached a million and seems to have slowed down now. But it may interest a few more buyers now this option is available.

Stretch goals mean that even if the new goals aren’t reached, you’re still going to get your Jolla tablet.

I’m not sure why they need more money for split screen. Isn’t that simply software? Jolla recognises that this is the most wanted feature according to their users so they should really put this in regardless.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 16.49.16

3.5G will only be for EU users. It’ll be $30 on top to get the 3.5G version.


Cheers Sefriol for the tip!


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